Aug. 30

On this date …

1956: As far as the working man was concerned, the Republican party had put back the clock to the Hoover days of 1932.

So said Lt. Gov. Joseph Montoya, who was in Clovis for the opening rally of the state’s Democrats’ general election campaign.

Montoya addressed a crowd of about 200 at the Spanish American Club.

He claimed Republicans only cared about large companies like General Motors, ignoring the sad plight of the small farmer.

1951: A group of eastern New Mexico sports fans had made plans to travel to Amarillo to watch professional football.

The Detroit Lions were scheduled to play the Washington Redskins at Sandie Stadium in a National Football League exhibition game.

Reese Cagle, Lynell Skarda, Charles Fischer and Andy King were among residents planning to attend.

1941: Mrs. Ted P. Holifield had returned from training in Seattle and opened her studio at her home at 812 Pile in Clovis.

She planned to teach piano, music theory and harmony, the Clovis News-Journal reported.

In Seattle, she had studied under Kenneth Lyman, who had been a student of the Conservatory of Leipzig, the oldest university school of music in Germany.

Aug. 28

On this date …

1971: Piggly Wiggly store officials in Clovis were estimating $1,500 was stolen from a locked safe.

Burglars, cut a 10-inch by 14-inch hole in the roof of the store located at Hilltop Plaza and slid down using a yellow, nylon water-skiing rope, officials said.

One intruder landed on top of a toilet tissue display rack, scattering several rolls of tissue on the floor.

The theft was discovered after an egg delivery man arrived to find the back door unlocked. Authorities said the burglars broke a padlock off of the door to make their escape.

1966: Most of the region saw rain, led by Farwell and Texico, which each recorded 3.2 inches.

Weather watcher B. A. Rogers of Texico reported his rain gauge was broken by hail.

Several South Plains communities in Texas reported roads were impassable and power was out after 50-mph winds roared through with nearly 2 inches of rain in about an hour.

1956: A Clovis High School student was hospitalized in good condition after she crashed through a plate-glass panel next to a door at the new high school.

Darlene Nolan, 16, who lived at 1119 Axtell, suffered four severed tendons in her right leg in addition to gashes on her right arm.

Officials said she would be hospitalized at least three weeks.

The accident happened as students were rushing from school for the lunch hour, the Clovis News-Journal reported.

Aug. 27

On this date …

1976: Clovis city commissioners had voted 3-1 in favor of allowing Albertson’s Food Center at 21st and Prince to sell packaged liquor.

Commissioners Pat Sandoval and Jim Jacobs and Mayor Chick Taylor voted for the motion. Commissioner Cleo Carpenter opposed the measure.

Commissioner Bud Cagle, who had previously voted against the proposal, was not present when votes were cast. Commissioners Don Bonner and Frank Murray abstained, citing business interests linking them with Albertson’s.

1971: The Air Force reported a radio signal indicating help was needed on Clovis’ north side turned out to be a false alarm.

Two military helicopters had responded to the call for help over a residential area, but did not land and returned to the base after an explanation was provided.

An airman had taken a parachute home “after … finding the parachute station closed,” the Clovis News-Journal reported.

At the airman’s home, “… A radio beeper on the parachute was accidentally flipped on, initiating the base search and rescue effort,” CNJ reported.

1956: Grant Jones, the state milk sanitarian stationed in Clovis, had returned from vacation.

The Clovis News-Journal reported he’d spent the previous three weeks in Wisconsin.

Aug. 26

On this date …

1976: Tammy Welch had been named Roosevelt County Fair queen.

Welch, a 16-year-old junior at Portales High School, said her favorite hobby was horses.

1956: The new Clovis High School at 21st and Thornton was ready to open.

The building featured nine classrooms, a library, study hall, a home economics department, administrative offices and more.

It cost $617, 711 for 45,000 square feet.

A second unit was under construction and would feature seven more classrooms and a vocational agriculture department.

1946: Law officers were looking for those who stole $105 in coins plus merchandise from the City Drug Store in Melrose.

Officials said the burglary may have been connected to a car stolen in Clovis the same night.

In addition to the money, store officials reported the loss of 12 fountain pens, six pipes and nine cartons of cigarettes.

Aug. 25

On this date …

1966: Two Cannon Air Force Base airmen were listed in good condition at the base hospital after they ejected from their F-100 jet the day before near Floyd.

The jet crashed into a maize field.

The airmen said they bailed out after the plane developed engine trouble.

1946: Funeral services were being planned for a toddler who drowned in a stock tank near Causey.

Artie Lee Caviness, 1, drowned in the tank at her family’s farm, officials said.

She was rushed to Portales’ hospital after being pulled from 3 feet of water.

Family members said she’d been seen playing in the yard 10 minutes before she was located in the tank, which had a 2-foot concrete wall around it.

1941: The Clovis News-Journal asked area judges about the strangest wedding ceremonies they had performed.

Justice of the Peace W. E. McConnell said he married a couple on horseback at a riding academy and married a couple at the county jail just before the man was transferred to the state penitentiary.

Another couple was married in a Roosevelt County ditch, just before traveling to a Clovis church for music and a reception.

Aug. 24

On this date …

1976: A new year began at 8:30 a.m. for Clovis public school students.
Classes dismissed at 3:15 p.m.

Two sessions of kindergarten were offered, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and from 12:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

School dietician Jane Hammond said student lunch tickets were 45 cents.

1976: The Roosevelt County Fair was ready to kick off a four-day run with a greased-pig race and an old fiddler’s contest among the highlights.

“For those who would prefer looking at pretty girls rather than pretty gilts, the fair queen coronation begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday,” the Clovis News-Journal reported.

1971: Debbie Vinson, who lived at 205 Cactus in Clovis, was featured on the front page of the Clovis newspaper as she headed off to college at Eastern New Mexico University.

“Debbie is fully prepared for any contingency, from an audience with the queen to famine in the dorm,” the newspaper reported.

“About the only thing with which she might be unable to cope would be an electrical failure.”

Aug. 23

On this date …

1976: Albert Chavez was the area’s newest assistant district attorney.

The 1965 Clovis High graduate had recently graduated from the University of New Mexico school of law.

Chavez spent two years as an administrative supply technician with the civil service in Carlsbad before completing his law degree.

1971: The Campbell Soup Co. had recalled 120,000 cans of chicken vegetable soup it feared was contaminated.

Cans marked 07-P13 had been identified as potentially poisonous, the Clovis News-Journal reported.

Some of those cans had been located on local store shelves and removed; a greater concern was whether area residents had purchased some of the tainted soup.

1966: Clovis firefighters responded to their first call in two days only to find they were not needed.

A washing machine motor had overheated, but the resident of 1213 Calhoun St. had resolved the issue before firefighters arrived, the Clovis News-Journal reported.

Aug. 21

On this date …

1966: The Clovis News-Journal, on its society page, offered these suggestions for college-bound women interested in sorority rushing and membership:

“… Just be yourself. Good manners are important for making favorable impressions and they help express your personality. Simplicity and neatness in dress are most important.”

1956: Curvaceous British actress Diana Dors got wet and a United Press photographer had been beaten unconscious during a Beverly Hills party.

Dors’ husband, former heavyweight boxer Dennis Hamilton, accused photographer Stewart Sawyer of pushing Dors in the swimming pool with all of her clothes on “to get an exclusive picture,” the UP wire service reported.

Sawyer, who denied the allegation, suffered a broken nose, numerous bruises and lacerations on his head during the encounter with Hamilton. But he decided not to pursue criminal charges after Dors and Hamilton agreed to forget about the incident as well.

1941: The Chicago market was reporting the average weight of hogs sold was at 288 pounds, compared to 270 pounds a year ago.

“One day last week the average broke the 300 mark,” the Clovis News-Journal reported.
A bumper crop of corn was among reasons cited for the heavier porkers.

Aug. 20

On this date …

1951: Two people suspected in the slaying of the founder of Progress, Texas, had been cleared, Bailey County Sheriff Hugh Freeman said.

Josh Blocher’s badly beaten body was found earlier in the month in a cotton field.

The unnamed suspects were cleared after passing a polygraph test, the Clovis News-Journal reported.

Two Amarillo men were ultimately charged and convicted in connection with Blocher’s killing. They told authorities that robbery was their motive and that they found 13 cents in his pockets.

1946: Fire believed to have started from a cigarette was limited to one room in Clovis’ Gran Quivira hotel, also known as the Harvey House.

Firefighters entered the second-story room through a window about 6 a.m. and quickly extinguished the blaze.

A bed and some furniture in the room were destroyed, but officials said “very few persons were aware that there was a fire,” according to the Clovis News-Journal.

The Amarillo man staying in the room fled when he realized it was on fire, but lost few personal items. His shoes and wallet were burned, but the $200 inside his wallet was salvaged.

1941: The brother of a prominent Clovis doctor and a nurse at the city hospital had been killed in a car crash near Littlefield.

The victims were Thos. W. Miller, 61, and Rose Mallick, 50.

Miller was attempting to pass another vehicle when the car he was driving collided with an oncoming pickup, the Clovis News-Journal reported.

The occupants of the pickup, both from Amarillo, were injured; CN-J reported one may have been seriously hurt.

Miller was the brother of Clovis Dr. Harry A. Miller, who’d come to town in 1914 as surgeon in charge of the Santa Fe Hospital.

Aug. 19

On this date …

1956: More than 2,000 people had attended the 50th anniversary celebration in Melrose.

Sixteen of the old-timers said they had been in the area for at least 50 years, when the town was called Brownhorn.

Entertainment for the day included a greased-pig race and a fiddling contest.

1951: Clovis Air Force Base officials announced the base swimming pool would be closed to the public.

Only military personnel and their invited guests could use the pool since its lease had been transferred from the Clovis Air Terminal to the Air Force, the Clovis News-Journal reported.

1946: District Attorney E. T. Hensley had told The Associated Press that a Roosevelt County man’s fatal gunshot wound was self inflicted.

The man was conscious for several hours after the shooting at his home, Hensley said, and told authorities he shot himself “to get out of my misery.”

He was survived by a wife and three children. A fourth child had been killed in action during World War II.